The Struggles of Saving

The Struggles Of Saving

the struggles of saving

The Struggles Of Saving

January is the month where most financial goals are set. If you think you messed up with your finances last year, then you might want to read on as we will point out the common reasons why some people can’t save money. However, if you have stumbled upon this article in the middle or last quarter of the year and your bank accounts have little to no activities in previous months, then you have all the more reason to read, reflect, and reset your financial goals.

The Struggles Of Saving

Many people ask question, “Why Can’t I Save?”. In order to find the answers to this, one must first understand the underlying causes. Can your salary sustain your needs? Do you need budgeting assistance? Are there ways to cut your weekly or monthly costs? Do you need part-time jobs to support your “extra expenses”?

When we say extra expenses, these are the unnecessary purchases and charges. To identify these expenses, make an inventory. List all your bags and shoes, sort your clothes, check your accessories and makeups, and all the other stuff you most likely spend on. That way, you will know how much you have and you can quantify your needs best.

Clothing is considered as basic necessity but, it becomes a financial burden if you buy clothes more than what you need. You might say, “I need a good dress for my office meeting next week!”, but remember, you thought about it too the last time you had a meeting and you bought a nice dress. That dress might be as good as new or you might have forgotten the expensively good-looking pair of blouse and slacks you wore during your office presentation.

Next is to decide whether a designer bag can make you happy or a fat bank account. If you think overly spending on high class bags and shoes can make you enjoy life even more then this could not be the right article piece for you because we cannot help you until you realize the importance of saving money today and for the future.

The common reason why most people, if not all, buy high end accessories is for them to have something to show off. Your officemate got a latest, high-end phone last week and you don’t want to be outshined, so you head on and used your credit card to get a new phone while still being under the contract of your current mobile provider. This will make your monthly bills pile up and can be one of the root causes of your unexplained high monthly obligations. Harsh, but true because it happens most of the time.

Each time you have an urge to purchase something, make a financial evaluation first. Do you really need it? Can you survive the next 48 hours without it? Will you be using the item for the next couple of months or will it start rotting in your closet next week once your happy-meter subsided?

Remember, there’s a gap between self-deprivation and contentment. You cannot deprive yourself from things you cannot afford. Instead, be contented with what you currently have, set and faithfully follow your goals, the rewards will follow. Yes, treat them as a reward. It is better that way than worrying about your finances or worst, burying yourself to debts.

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