The Journey Towards Financial Freedom 1

The Journey Towards Financial Freedom 1

the journey towards financial freedom 1

The Journey Towards Financial Freedom 1

He sighed deeply as he slowly and reluctantly dragged himself down the stairs of the bank, sweat dribbling down his cheeks. His heart beating about 180 times/minute, almost triple of normal, and breathing so fast that only God can count. A long vein divided his forehead into 2 almost equal halves, as did Moses’s rod the Red Sea. He had lost all energy, drive and even joy. Indeed, the best word, judging by his facial expression, to describe his critical condition was; sad.

The Journey Towards Financial Freedom 1

As he entered into his car to begin a very long and lonely journey home, the engine would not just start, it had lost its ignitability or maybe the gods were just angry with him (lol), because he drove to the bank about an hour before that time, only to confirm the reason behind this suicide-stimulating predicament in which he had found himself.

Mr Bright is a 59 yr old level 13 civil servant with 4 children. He had taken a bank loan (‘SHINE YOUR EYES’ as it is called) months ago to fund the school fee of his son in a private university. He smiled home monthly with a paycheck of about 30,000 dollars but this time, his empty pocket mocked him all the way home.

A fixed sum of 5,000 dollars was being deducted monthly for servicing of loans. Meanwhile they barely had what to eat at home, since the government had not paid salaries for about 6 months.

The bank struck, yes, they did scoop the life out of his account, like you scrape the last grain from a burnt pot of rice. Oh yes, they cleared his account of anything that looked, felt, or even pretended to be money.

The poor man didn’t receive a credit alert for the month of March until 18th of April, however when he did, it was accompanied by a debit notification of almost equal amount, and he developed a very severe headache later that night and couldn’t sleep for 3 days; his hypertension had been aggravated by this man-made disaster. The bank that was a friend in need became his greatest enemy or FRENEMY, as my friend called it.

How did it get to this point?

Just the same way it did for us, our parents, friends, spouses and family.

Have you ever wondered why a civil servant can hardly survive without loans? The raise in paychecks that occur following industrial actions/strikes, have never been enough to bestow financial independence.

The time salaries/wages are paid appropriately, in terms of timing and volume, should serve as an opportunity to save at least for the rainy day, if not to invest, and an increase in paycheck should actually reflect 1st on our savings before other things follow.

You borrow money to buy an iPhone, then begin to hide when your lender is around the corner, not knowing that your source of comfort/peace and indeed, true worth is in being debt-free which is attainable by 1st of all living within your means.

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the journey towards financial freedom 1 2

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