Can Money Buy Happiness?

Can Money Buy Happiness?

can money buy happiness?

Can Money Buy Happiness?

For the rich people, money is nothing. It is just like an adornment that can add a little excitement to their lives. Yes, rich people may have all the money in the world, but can money buy happiness?

For the poor and the marginalized, money may mean so much. It is the only thing that they will ever have to dream to lift their families from further poverty and at least live a decent life. But for them, it seems money is so hard to get because no matter how hard they work, their lives would never get better, unless they hit the lotto jackpot.

When someone gives even just a few bucks to the underprivileged, you can see in their faces pure happiness. This makes us think that maybe, money is the only thing that can give them pleasure. But who wouldn’t? Even with just a little money, they can already buy a day’s worth of meals or drinks, or even get that simple shirts or pants they longed to buy. Surely, simple happiness comes to simple people like them.

But life can be a little confusing. All that poor people want is to have money to be happy; but the rich ones would sometimes dream they are not born with a silver spoon so they can live a normal life. These kinds of people live in two contrasting worlds.

If only it would be easy for them to exchange places, they would surely be very happy. Life is sometimes not fair. When people want something, they don’t get it. But those who don’t want it, get it just easily.

All these boil down to the question: can money buy happiness?

It depends on who asks the question. If it’s the poor ones who are already tired of being broke all their lives, yes, money can buy happiness. Because if they have the money, they can buy all the things that they never have.

They can go to places that they dream to visit. And they can live a very happy and contented life.

But for the rich ones, money can never buy happiness. Arrange marriages, which commonly happen among the wealthy, is one classic example of this.

There are many cases where a girl has been arranged to marry the son of her parents’ business associate just to save their company from bankruptcy. In this case, money is the one that dictates the girl’s future.

But as they say, “In every rule, there is always an exception,” so it does not really follow that the poor looks up to money as the only one that can make them happy or a rich person cannot be happy with it. The only definite is that money is a very basic thing that all people need in order to survive.

So can money buy happiness? It maybe can, or it maybe not. But the only one who can answer this intriguing question is you, depending on how you see its worth in your life.

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